REMINDER: gigs coming + news!

Hey Colourphoniacs, our next few gigs;

Friday at the Jade Monkey

Sat at Enigma

1st of March - Cranker

8th of March - Jade Monkey

25th of March

More to come!
Very soon we’ll be releasing our new song, ‘Look Around’. It punches pretty hard so be ready for it (hence the pre-warning).
Don’t forget to come up and say hi at a gig.

Lots of gigs coming!

Upcoming gigs for you all to attend;

27th of Jan - The Lady Daly Hotel with Bitchspawn
10th of Feb - The Jade Monkey with Foray and Lite Werks
11th of Feb - Enigma Bar with The Bok Choy Boys, Pumpometer and Culture Jam
8th of March - The Jade Monkey with Allison Avron (Syd) and Futurefez
25th of March - The Ed Castle (Sammy D Foundation show) with other bands TBA


Does our music sound old?

Looking to get some interaction happening so this’ll be the first of some regular blog posts on whatever the heck I feel like talking about. Please comment, we’re very keen to hear from anyone who has anything to say, good or bad. We can take it.

First topic is something I’ve notice in reviews of our first album. Can have a look at some of the reviews here (sorry for the FB link)

Interesting that the latest review mentions that our music isn’t likely to be for a younger audience. Certainly, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that and we don’t write to target anyone other than the 5 sets of ears at rehearsal. Bit of a worry if people feel excluded. What does everyone think, does our music sound ‘old’? If so, is that good or bad? The music industry seems to have become far more image-driven of late, more and more you get the sense that bands need to be tightly across their sound, look, social media and promotion themselves. All this before getting signed to anyone.

In the interests of science, audio of our radio stint a couple of weeks ago, 3 songs that are likely to be on the album we’re recording right now.

What do you think?

From Corey

New single out tomorrow, pick it up from Bandcamp/iTunes (and songs from the first album while you’re there)!

New single out tomorrow, pick it up from Bandcamp/iTunes (and songs from the first album while you’re there)!

Booking venues in Melbs, if you want a gig, hit us up ASAP!

We’re on Radio Adelaide, Nov 4th, 4pm, live set!

Wasn’t much of a fan but interesting to see her comment from the context of a band who were massive really quickly and have evolved, after she left, into more of a working band.